• State-of-the-art industry 4.0 and smart factory solution
  • Manufacturing execution system (MES) and a process control system in one software
  • Built-in business intelligence and task management
  • Active monitoring of the entire production process in real time
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Task management

task generation, assignment, follow up, closing, escalation with real time alerting

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Data processing

relevant data is the base of alerting, KPIs, decisions, reporting

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Sufficient reporting with the right set of measures with available data source, correctly designed data transformation.

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A visualization tool that provides real time status information about the whole production unit or area.

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Smart functions, automated tasks

Automated actions, digital constraints, built in intelligence to drive production through, including case mapping, intelligent action selection based on lifecycle events.

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Andon, visualization

Flexible visualization of selected data, KPIs, including comparison to plan or target value.

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Production batch planning

Agile and easy to use tool to plan production batches with automatic update based on real time production data.

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Batch, production entity management module

Separate screen for each production batch to control the production mode, lifecycle events with filtered tasks and production information and data.


Redefining the very concept of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and a Process Control System, LEANBOX is THE perfect solution for manufacturing companies of the Central Eastern European region to start or improve their digital transformation. Built from the ground up LEANBOX merges state-of-the-art technology with all the knowledge of the development of the manufacturing industry to deliver a solution that redefines the very concept of manufacturing business technology. With using LEANBOX a you can achieve: